Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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Hey, my Lovelies! After months of hair product reviews I finally have something different for at least the next two posts. Please, please, hold your applause.

I ran across Aztec Secret Indian Healing Mask while I was browsing looking for something to buy. I recently recieved a $50 gift card and it was just about burning a hole in my virtual pocket. It actually took me a month to decide whether or not to buy it because I have atopic dermatitis and didn’t want to make it worse. If you’re unfamiliar with atopic, or contact, dermatitis it’s basically a really bad reaction to cosmetics that causes a horrible, usually recurring, rash on the skin with big, dilated pores. I got mine courtesy of a L’Oreal product test. To hell with ’em.  Anyhoo, this is a big part of the reason I don’t post any pictures. That and I’m a coy little thing. Since I developed this on my face, I have to be very careful about what I put on my skin. It took 2 years of trying pore reducers and serums but I finally figured it out: commercial products ruined my complexion, commercial products can’t fix the problem. Not only that but, I recently read an article stating that the $500 (that’s two 00s) cream that my dermatologist prescribed may cause cancer. The hell? So I can be healthy with a patch of enflamed skin or I can die and leave a good-looking corpse. Damn. I liked being able to use something so expensive, especially when I didn’t have to pay for it out of pocket.

So when I saw Aztec Secret again in my all-consuming desire to consume, I finally bought it and spent the next week waiting for my UPS guy (why are they all so cute?). The fact that almost all of the 100-something-odd reviews were 5 star spoke volumes to me, too. Loving customer service work the way I do, I truly believe that a good product speaks for itself. If Aztec Secret advertises, I’ve never seen one but they apparently have a loyal following, me included since I fell in love with their Jojoba Oil. Now I have another gun to add to my arsenal against dermatitis.

Aztec Secret Healing Clay boasts itself as “World’s Most Powerful Facial”. Now, I don’t know about you but when I hear claims like that, the skeptic in me surfaces. Even though I was impressed with all the 5 star reviews, even though I know they make good product, even though those are the only two things I could think of and this is just filler, I wasn’t ready to believe that it’s the world’s most anything. You know, the world being so big and all. Well, let me tell you, sometimes I like being wrong (but if anyone ever tells Hubby I’ll deny it with my last breath).  I opened the 1lb. jar and was impressed by how fine the 100% natural calcium bentonite clay is.  Picture pea green baby powder.  I leaned in to smell it and had to be careful not to breath on it because the lightest little breeze would send a fine mist into the air.  Love it; makes mixing so much easier and I can tailor it to be as thick or thin as I want.  By the way, it smells like dirt.  Who knew?

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay can be mixed with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar and I’ve tried both methods.  I mixed about a tablespoon of clay with the same amount of coconut water from a real coconut, then….what?  Why’d I have a real coconut on hand?  Why not?  Then I mixed them until I had a smooth, creamy paste like baby food.  I spread this on my face and left it on until it was completely dry, about 20 minutes.  I soaked the mask with warm water before using a wascloth to wash te rest of the mask off.  My skin felt softer and looked moist but there wasn’t a big difference in inflammation.  I used a toner, which I’ll be reviewing next, and that brought some of the swelling down but I still didn’t feel as if I had gotten the full effect of “world’s most powerful facial”.

This is when I decided to try the apple cider vinegar method.  Once again, I put a tablespoon of Aztec Indian Healing Clay in a plastic cup and was caught off guard when I put in the tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.  It started to bubble and fizz and the amount seemed to double on it’s own.  I ended up adding a little more clay to it to get it to my desired consistency and it looked like pistachio mousse.  I spread the mask on my face and within 5 minutes, I could feel my face tightening.  Since I was alone, I relaxed and could feel my pores opening.  The jar says “feel your face pulsate” and within 10 minutes it felt as if there were tiny rollers moving over my cheeks.  That was a little weird but proof, for me, that something was happening.

Aztec Secret recommends that people with sensitive skin leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes but I refuse to admit that I have sensitive skin.  After all I made it fine for 3 decades before I messed around with L’Devil, I can’t have sensitive skin.  I shoulda listened to the jar.  Around the 15 minute mark, my face began to tingle intensely and I couldn’t hold a cigareette in my mouth.  After 20 minutes, I looked like Jack Nicholas in the snow at the end of “The Shining”.   I could literally see where the mask was pulling the skin taut.  If someone had punched me in the face right then, it would’ve shattered.  For whatever reason, the apple cider vinegar makes Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay stick to your face like a freakin’ leech.  I stood over the sink for about 3 minutes before I gave up and hopped in the shower to finish getting it off.  I’ve been doing that since; it’s just easier for me.

When I next looked in the mirror, I was blown away.  The inflamation had gone down by at least 50%!  There was still a blemish, but it wasn’t as nearly as prominent as before.  For the first time in a long time, I couldn’t see my pores and I wasn’t feeling anxious about a bar outing with my sister.  Not only that, but my entire face looked brighter, like I was a shade lighter, which begged the question: how dirty was my dang face?!

My skin still stung from being pulled so very hard and my face was red.  The jar said this might happen but that it would disappear in about  30 minutes.  Oh, joy.  My toner hadn’t arrived in the mail, yet, so I rubbed a bit of collodial silver over my stinging face and followed that with a couple drops of sweet almond oil to soothe the redness.  I’ll never go more than 15 minutes again, I swear it.  I decided to do some cleaning to get my mind off the stinging and had to stop 10 minutes in.  With my menopause, in warm weather the least bit of heat sets off a hot flash, these hot flashes had me carrying a fan like a proper Southern lady for the past two summers.  Well, as I’m sweeping, my temperature rose, the hot flash kicked in like clockwork but, instead of just being really hot, sweat was literally pouring out of my face.   Or rather, water was pouring out of my face; no salt.  I don’t think my face has been this clean since I was a kid.  It feels smoother, softer, and I can’t stop touching it though I know I should.  I like looking like a retouched photo.

I used to use Queen Helene facial masks and although they are good, I always wanted more suction.  I got that and then some with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and am glad I finally tried it.  I’ve used it everyday for the past three days (trying to find my tolerance) and think I can get away with using it every other day with the a.c. vinegar, at least on my trouble spot.  If you have any skin problems and/or are looking for a good, affordable facial to use at home, I can’t say it enough: get Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and find something else to occupy the time you spent worrying about your skin.

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All-new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner

Once again it’s on, Lovelies!  I have another shampoo & conditioner review coming to you courtesy of  Standby for the obligatory disclaimer: I received my free full-size samples as a BzzAgent for this great site in exchange for telling people about it.  If you haven’t signed up at and you have a penchant for free anything, I recommend checking the site out.  Now, on to the review!

I waited as patiently as I could, which is to say I silently cursed the postman whenever he delivered anything other than a box with bee-covered packing tape.  Of course, he brought it the day after my weekly wash and I cursed him and the entire U.S. Postal Service.  Even though I have patience issues, I stuck to my schedule and waited until Saturday to use Garnier Fructis’ All-new Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner on my locks and it was worth it.

Now anyone who reads my blog regularly (hola, subscribers!) can tell you that I have a bit of a phobia about clear shampoo.    It was, in my past experiences, drying, made my hair rough, and caused breakage.  However, I’ve noticed a new trend of moisturizing clear shampoos that haven’t exactly won me over but do make me relax when I happen to encounter them.  Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo is one such shampoo.   It’s clear but thick, more like a gel, and smells like green apple Jolly Ranchers.  Mmm.  After thoroughly wetting my hair, I applied about a tablespoon worth of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo to my hands and massaged it onto my scalp.  It didn’t take very long to get a thick, rich, white lather going that not only left my scalp feeling refreshed and my new growth moist but left a really pleasant scent all through the house.  After about 2 minutes, I rinsed with warm water and was impressed with how easily the lather washed considering how thick it was.  My scalp felt really clean and I even heard a squeak as I ran my hands through my hair, making sure I’d rinsed thoroughly.  Rather than feeling tight, my scalp felt very “airy”, like all of my scalp pores opened up.  My hair felt clean and much stronger, fortified, just like the 30% recycled bottle says.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Conditioner has to be one of the thickest regular conditioners I have ever used.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking that but wow!  It took a little doing to get it out of the bottle.  Once I did though, I was very pleased.  This stuff is thicker than my deep conditioner and is packed with olive, shea, and avocado oils.  The scent: Gain.  The laundry detergent, B.B.?  The very same.  Though I have to admit, I love that scent and totally don’t mind my hair smelling like that.  I’m a smoker and I rely on lingering scents to mask my shame :P!  Seriously, applying Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Conditioner to my hair made it soft like that (insert single finger-snap) and though softer, my hair was still noticeably stronger.  I had a little resistance while combing through but if there was any breakage because of it, I didn’t see it.  Even after the cool water rinse, my hair was soft and felt thicker to the touch.  The great thing is my scalp still felt moisturized and cool and even though wet, my hair had more shape to it.  I’m still a stickler for my weekly deep conditioning treatments so I did do that and was slightly worried about ruining the experiment but then someting happened that never happened before.  Are you all rapt with wonder?  As I was sitting, letting my body heat do it’s thing and trying to decide if I wanted to sleep in the deep conditioner or not, I realized that rather than smelling the strong scent of oranges, I was smelling dryer sheets.  Now, I haven’t had to do laundry that day, praise His Holy Name, so I knew it wasn’t that.  This is the first time I’ve ever had any conditoner overpower the smell of those oranges.  Love ORS Replenishing Pak but if I hated oranges, I don’t think I could stomach it.  After about 5 hours of sweating, I decided to go ahead and rinse out the deep conditioner and was a little crestfallen to find that my hair didn’t feel as soft as before.  This has happened before with no adverse affects, so I decided to wait and see what happened after the rest of my hair routine.

After partially drying my hair with the t-shirt method, I added about 2 Tablespoons of the Infusium 23 I reviewed a while back from end to scalp.  After that, I spread roughly the same amount of ORS Carrot Oil through my hair, again, starting at the ends.  When my hair was about 75% dry, I brushed it out with my Denman 5-row styling brush and my hair looks and feels so very soft, fluffy, and frizz-free.  The brush met more resistance than usual due to Triple Nutrition’s fortifying formula but, still, amazingly little shedding and maybe 1% breakage, if that.  As far as the resistance goes, that’s the proof I needed that Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner does what they say they do.  Starting at $3.99 for 12 ounces (less with the $1.50 off coupon below, cause you’re so great), fruit oils, conditioners, quick rinsing, Eco-fructis bottles, there’s something for everyone with this line.  The rest of the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition line includes a conditioner for extra-dry, damaged hair, a nutrient spray, and a 3 minute dryness treatment.  I’m thinking about getting that extra-dry conditoner for Mini-Me.  You know if I do, you’ll hear about it.  I’m sold on Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifiying Shampoo & Conditoner.  Let’s put it like this: if I had to use a clear shampoo, this’d be it and if I wasn’t allowed to use deep conditioner, I might have to bypass the Suave Professionals I like so much.

Usually, I’m not a fan of Garnier Fructis.  All they seem to do is give me some scent and leave my hair feeling weird.  I’ve reviewed alot of Garnier’s sampoos and conditioners and have mentioned at least twice that something seemed to be missing.  Well, Garnier, you finally got it right with this one.  If you have thin hair and want more fullness, are taking on a new healthy hair regimen, or want more structure for your limp, lifeless hair, print the coupon below and give Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner a shot.

Follow this link for your $1.50 coupon:

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Live Below The Line Campaign

Howdy-do Lovelies!  It’ll still be a while yet before I’m ready to to get back to reviewing but in the interim I’ve signed up for a charity BzzAgent campaign and thought that this would be an interesting concept to share with you.

Did you know 1.4 billion people only have $1.50 (U.S.) to live and drink with everyday?  This is the case of extreme poverty.  Live Below The Line’s mission is to raise awareness of this problem and urges people to walk in the shoes of others by eating with only a $1.50 a day/$7.50 for the week from May 7th-11th.  Budgetbourgeois is supporting CARE which gives impoverished women the education, tools, and resources to improve their lives and those of their families.

If you are interested in joining me in this challenge, please sign up at to get recipes, more information, or if you’d rather not do the $1.50 a day challange, to donate to the cause.  I hope to have alot of participation, my Lovelies, and have included a few recipes below.  Some seem quite tasty and I’m excited about trying them.



• 3 cups plain flour

• 1/4 cup oil

• 1-2 cups boiling water


1. Stir oil into flour. Add boiling water slowly so that you don’t add too

much. Make a dough like a pizza or bread dough.

2. Cut into 12 pieces. Form each piece into a ball. Roll out thin.

3. Dry fry in a frying pan (no oil needed) on both sides.

Pasta with Shredded Onions, Carrots and Garlic: 1 package of bow-tie pasta 1 tablespoon salt 3 carrots 1 tablespoon pepper 1 onion 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 cup canola oil

Peel the onion and finely chop. Peel the carrots and chop into half-inch long sections. Separate half a cup of canola oil and heat over high flame. Put onions into the oiled pan. After a minute, add chopped carrots. Let cook in covered pan until carrots are soft. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook pasta until al dente. Once pasta is cooked, add the other half cup of canola oil until pasta is coated. Add carrot and onion mix. Add garlic powder to taste.

If you want to pass this info on, be my guest.  This would make a great corporate activity, is great if you’re trying to lose weight and resources can be pooled to stretch the food.  Let me know if you’re interested in participating, have any ideas for new recipes, or anything that could make that can help this righteous cause.  TTYL, Lovelies.

“I once complained of having no shoes until I met a man with no feet”.

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Until I return….

Hey Lovelies!  I know I’ve been away forever but I’ll be back soon with a new review.  Until then, is having a Facebook giveaway on a cute little trinket I thought someone might be interested in.  The giveaway starts on April 19th and will end when they give away the 1,000th piece.  Just follow the directions below.  Good luck and see ya soon, Lovelies!

Facebook Free Giveaways –  1000pcs of Bling Crystal Extensible Ring
If this mail is not correctly displayed, please click here.

Hi  everybody, we are going to host a giveaway on our Facebook on April 19th, if you would like to get this freebie, please read the below  text:

1. The simple rule  is, you should like us on Facebook @ BornPrettyStore2010 at first, then share  this giveaway news with your friends and on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or  some of your local websites. Then please leave your sharing post link at the  comment box when use the coupon code to check out the freebie, orders with a  sharing post link will be shipped preferentially.

2. This time we  would like to offer 1,000pcs of this product as the giveaway:

3. The coupon for this  giveaway will be a total new code, so everyone has an opportunity to get it. Specific time and a special coupon code will be announced on the day in our website news, Facebook, Twitter and blog. If you want to get it, please pay close attention to the update information.

4. Only the first 1000  people who use the coupon successfully can get this freebie, so, if you want to  get it successfully and smoothly, you can register on our website now and do  something to prepare for it.

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Michael Kors Eau De Parfum Review

Hello, hello, hello, Lovelies!  I’m so excited to be bringing you all this review.  I’m kind of on hiatus because I’m doing a product test for something I can’t even tell you about and it’s put a major kink in my blogging.  All I can say is that it’s something that takes up a good part of my reviews and, so far, I like it.  Gimme a couple more weeks and maybe I can tell you more.  To the review!

I received Michael Kors eau de Parfum to review for Elle Magazine (I know, swank) and I’m really on the fence about it.  Initially, it has a very sweet smell to it.  I don’t really know how to describe it except to say that it reminds me of those imiation designer “fragrances” at the flea market.  I don’t mean to sound like a snob but one thing I don’t skimp on is perfume and even though I do like a good flea market, I can’t do imitation perfume.  Michael Kors eau de Parfum isn’t loud (people smell you before they see you) like a cheapie would be, it’s just that smell.  The website says that it’s Morrocan incense and spices and flowers.  It’s just sweet, to me, and Mini-me said it smells like Laffy Taffy.  The scent died down after about five minutes and became a little more musky but it was still too sweet for my taste.  If you like smelling sweet like candy, then this is definitely your bag.  I like a more floral scent anyway so maybe I’m biased.  There are florals in Michael Kors eau de Parfum, just not enough for my taste.  Sweet smells just make me nauseous and, strangely, hungry anyway.  If you’ve never experienced that, count yourself lucky.  It’s such an odd feeling.

After a while, the scent calms into this wonderful musky/sweet, feminine scent and maybe that’s the key.  If it was a little more diluted, it’d be perfect for me.  Maybe I’ll mix it with a little distilled water and make a spritz.  After all, it doesn’t stink, it isn’t overpowered with alcohol, it’s just…sweet.  I just wonder who told Mr. Kors that grown women want to smell like candy.  Maybe I’m getting cynical in my old age.  Naw, I’ve always been like this.  From the advertisements I thought I’d be getting a musky, sexy fragrance; this reminds me of junior high.  Not sexy.  I may wear this for special occasions when I want to smell delicious (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and I do think it’s a nice scent for Spring but, will I make Michael Kors eau de Parfum a part of my arsenal?  For the time I have it, yes.

If you’re looking for a new scent just for Spring or something to lighten your mood or you like sweet scents, Michael Kors eau de Parfum is worth checking out.  It falls right in with what you expect Spring to smell like: sweet and fresh. has a sale going on right now with prices for gift sets starting at $45, free shipping with $50 purchase, and a gift with purchase!  So if you’re so inclined, you may want to follow this link:|-|1022262224292031.

I hope to have more reviews coming in short order so keep posted, Lovelies, and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.  TTFN!

P.S.- Here’s a question: have you ever worn a fragrance that drove people wild?  Mine used to be Body by Victoria.  Men and women would stop me in the street and ask me what I was wearing all the time then, Victoria’s Secret changed the formula.  Dang it.  Until then, Lovelies.

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Budget Bourgeois’ Tips for Healthier Hair

Hello my Lovelies and a special howdy-do to my new subscribers.  Most of you know I love trying products and I love giving you my opinion and I love, love, love my hair.  Having said that, I’ve been purusing the Forum and have noticed that there are a lot of women (natural and relaxed) who are starting to take control of their haircare routine.  Salute!  When I started my healthy hair journey, I scoured the Internet for tips, sifting and weeding along the way.  In order to help my peoples and save someone else some time, I’ve compiled a list of my healthy hair tips.  There is nothing on this list that I haven’t done and ya’ll know if Bourgeois don’t like it, Bourgeois don’t use it.  Also, even though I’m relaxed, Mini-Me is au naturale so most of these tips can be applied to both.  So let’s get it, shall we?

Budget Bourgeois’ Tips for Healthier Hair

  • DO wash your hair at least once a week.  Dirt buildup on the scalp can be a major inhibitor to hair growth and health.
  • DON’T use hair products with mineral oil or petrolatum to “grease” your scalp and hair.   Mineral oil and petrolatum are cheap fillers (also used in the manufacture of gasoline and engine degreaser, among other things) that lock moisture out of the hair.  Dry hair types need plenty of moisture to retain length and keep hair healthy.
  • DO deep condition every week.  Look for conditioners that require at least 15 minutes of heat applied; regular conditioner left on for an extended period does not count.
  • DO trim ends when required.  I recommend regular trims if needed but, in my opinion, unless the ends need trimming you’re just cutting off length.  Instead of a broad cut across a section of hair, take small sections of hair, twist near the ends, and inspect each end carefully.       Using scissors especially used for hair, clip off individual split ends.  It does take a little moretime, but this is especially helpful if the goal is to retain length or “grow out” your hair.
  • If possible, DO use sulfate free shampoos.  They are less drying and clean just as well as regular shampoos.
  • DO cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet when sleeping.  When sleeping on cotton, the hair rubs against the cotton fibers (causing frizz) and gets caught in the weaving (causing breakage).
  • DO use a moisturizing hair cream that lists water as a main ingredient.  The combination of  water, oils, and the absence of mineral oil and petrolatum keeps hair well moisturized and helps protect against dryness and breakage.  I swear by Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil.
  • DO protect your ends with “protective styles”.  These are hairstyles that hide the ends away or leave them in such a way as that they are not grazing against a shirt or coat.  As tempting as it is to wear your growing hair down for the world to see, doing it for too long may lead to breakage and split ends from hair grazing cotton shirts and wool sweaters.  By the time winter’s over, your hair will be short again!
  • If you like hats, DO find one with a satin or silk lining or get a fitted satin cap (like a wig cap) to wear under your chapeau.
  • DON’T over process, over style, or put too much tension on your hair.  Follow the directions of the relaxer or color you’re using TO THE LETTER.  Don’t try to make sure your color has taken by letting it seep in for 10 more minutes.  The same goes for relaxers: the chemicals in a relaxer break down bonds in the hair.  Letting this mixture sit on your hair for any longer than the recommended time is asking for a head full of mushy, limp hair at best.  Try not to overlap relaxer onto already treated hair when retouching.  Since that hair has already been processed, the added chemicals are only damaging those already broken bonds more.
  • DO NOT use heat on your hair more than once a week.  If you can cut out blow-drying altogether, that’d be great.  If not, let hair air-dry a little while before drying on the coolest setting possible.
  • DO NOT use towels to rub your hair dry after washing.  If you have an old clean T-shirt, use this to wrap your hair while you dry the rest of your body (assuming you wash your hair in the shower like me).  After washing your hair, gently squeeze as much excess water out of the hair as possible.  Tossing your hair downward, lay the t-shirt across the back of your head and gently twist hair into the shirt as you would a towel.  Once you finish drying off, applying makeup or whatever you do while you wait for your hair to dry, unwrap the shirt and your hair will be halfway dry, thanks to the fast absorbing cotton.  Rubbing hair promotes frizz and towels create lint.
  • When flat-ironing or any other kind of heat styling, DO use the lowest setting you can to achieve your look.  Heat-protecting spray is also a good product to have though I’ve found Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Coconut Oil make excellent and healthier alternatives to commercial protectants.
  • DO moisturize your ends EVERY NIGHT before tying hair up.  The heat from your body while you sleep helps open the hair cuticle and lets the moisturizer work deeper and gives your ends (the oldest part of your hair) a boost.  When you awaken, your ends should be smooth and shiny.
  • DO NOT use rubber bands or cotton covered elastics to hold hair.  Rubber bands stretch and catch hair in tiny splits and, with repeated use, cotton covered elastics absorb the moisture from hair making it dry and brittle.  Cotton elastics used in the same place repeatedly (think Ponytails) will eventually cause breakage and damage in that area.
  • DO clarify the hair at least once a month to rid hair of excess oils and dirt.  Clarifying shampoos are usually clear and runny as opposed to moisturizing shampoos which tend to be thick and creamy.
  • DO use wide tooth combs and boar bristle hair brushes, for styling.  A quality wide tooth comb will be smooth on the backs and fronts of all teeth and glide through the hair.  A quality boar bristle hairbrush will distribute moisture and promote the production of healthy natural oils in the scalp called sebum.  Remember: quality doesn’t have to mean expensive.
  • DO NOT forcefully detangle your hair.  Forcing tangles through your hair only leads to worse tangles and breakage.  Gently comb tangles out by starting at the ends and comb the tangle from the bottom up.
  • DO NOT automatically retouch your hair every 6 weeksDepending on what stage (growing, resting, or shedding) your hair is in, there might not be enough new growth to necessitate it.  Retouching when there isn’t enough new growth will only promote over processing and damage.

There you have it, Lovelies.  These helped me achieve my favored results and everyone’s different but a little friendly advice never hurt.  I hope these tips are of use to you and don’t forget: good hair is healthy hair.  TTFN, Lovelies.

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Hey, Lovelies! I was just browsing WordPress and found a blogger by the name of Care 4 Curls who is considering doing a “baggying” challenge. If you’re not familiar with baggying, to make a long story short, it’s moisturizing your hair and sleeping with a plastic bag on it to help infuse the moisture. I do this when deep conditioning and it leaves my hair so soft. I can really tell the difference from leaving it in for only an hour. Anyway, I thought this’d be a fun, easy challenge to do and if you’re interested then read more about it below. TTFN, Lovelies.

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Allure magazine: Beauty Product Finder Beta Review

Hey, Lovelies.  Just wanted to let you know about an awesome online beauty tool I just stumbled across.  It’s courtesy of and I think it’s the neatest online tool I’ve ever used.  I’m talking about’s Beauty Product Finder.

You enter your hair, skin, and makeup specs and Beauty Product Finder recommends the right products for you.  My favorite feature?  The ability to choose a price range I’m happy with.  Let me give you a rundown of my dry run with my new beta virtual assistant (who I had no part of creating, designing, but thankfully don’t have to pay for or maintain in any way).

I happened to be trying to figure out what type of product I’d like to try out next.  I have enough conditioners to last me through the apocalypse and refuse to do too much to my hair.  I thought about breaking down and adding a little color to it, though.  Not just a safe blond or dark burgundy, oh no.  I’m talking a bold, inch-wide, electric blue, root to tip shock right on the side of my head.  That is until I heard the whisper of my nineteen-year old self saying, quite indignantly I might add, how she’d grow old gracefully and “not make an ass of myself”.  I’m not blessed enough to be counted as “old” just yet but…yeah…

Anyhoo, first, I selected the type of product I was looking for.  This isn’t your standard shampoo, conditioner, spray selection.  You get to choose from heat and styling tools, too.  I chose  to look for a hair mask since I haven’t used one in Lord knows how long.  Second was choosing my hair type.  Again, a nice selection of different hair types and not just straight, wavy, and curly.  After this, you choose your hair texture.  I absolutely love that there is a tab marked “Curly AF-AM” or “Curly African-American”.  I really appreciate that Allure acknowledges the different curl texture and the people it adorns.  The fourth step is getting to choose from a selection of hair concerns which is pretty average, to be honest.  I think it could be expanded to include more scalp concerns like scalp psoriasis, scalp acne, over-conditioning, but eh, it is still in the beta phase.  I’m not mad at ‘em.  The fifth is picking which styles you’re looking for.  Again, I think this list could be expanded but, you know, beta.  The last step is my favorite feature: price selection.  Even though the Beauty Product Finder claimed not to be able to find a product under $10, one of the products I was directed to was Bumble and Bumble Mending Masque and I have toyed with the idea of trying a Bumble and Bumble product.  On the other hand, I know that if Allure tried harder, they could find good products under $10.  Hell, hire me and they’d be lousy with suggestions.  Ya’ll know I know.

All in all, I’m liking the Beauty Product Finder and see myself using it quite often.  The good thing about it being beta is that they’ll be making improvements all the time and it promises to get more efficient.  If you have a beauty concern or just want to find something to maintain your desired look, follow the link below.

Allure magazine: The Beauty Expert:

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Yves Rocher Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar review

Happy President’s Day, Lovelies!  Let’s jump right into it shall we?

It all started when I got an email from Yves Rocher saying that I was one of the winners in a Self magazine contest.  I couldn’t remember for the life of me if I had entered this particular contest and was, honestly, skeptical about getting a package.  Well guess what?

I expected to open the five ounce bottle of rose colored promises and be overpowered by the smell of fermented raspberries and alcohol, but no.  Yves Rocher Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar actually smells just like raspberries with no vinegary scent at all.  It reminds me of Victoria’s Secret’s Love Spell scent.  The only directions on the bottle say to spread Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar through hair before the final rinse and to rinse thoroughly afterward.  That’s it.  I went to Yves Rocher’s website for more thorough directions and even Googled it, but short of calling France, I wasn’t able to find any better directions for how much to use or how long to leave it in.  That’s my only peeve with this product.  I’ve never used a hair vinegar before and could’ve really used some kind of guide.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar is made from raspberry vinegar “renown for its residue-fighting and cuticle-smoothing properties”.  I’ve known about the many great properties of vinegar (I use white vinegar to replace and sometimes to boost the cleaning power of bleach) but have always shied from using it on my hair.  Growing up I was always told that vinegar will “strip your perm” meaning that it will strip the relaxer from my hair and anyone who gazes upon me will turn to stone.  Okay maybe not the stone thing, but I heard it enough that I was paranoid about what vinegar, being an acid, might do to my hair even if it is designed for just that.  I maintained all cool though and sprinkled maybe 4 or 5 tablespoons worth of Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar through my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.  Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar has the same consistency as vinegar and the bottle even has the cap with one small hole but you wouldn’t know it from how slick my hair felt.  As I used my fingers to spread it through my hair from root to tip, it was as if I poured oil on my hair.   The few tangles I had seemed to untie themselves and my hair felt really, really good.  I did not want to rinse it out but since I have yet to completely lose my mind, after leaving the vinegar in for a minute or two, I did my usual cold water final rinse.  Here’s where the tale detours a little.

As soon as the vinegar started to rinse out, my hair felt frizzy and wiry.  I freaked quite the hell out.  Here was all of my childhood fears coming to light.  I weighed my options (deep condition or forge ahead) as I moisturized myself and dressed and, warily, touched my hair again.  It was so soft!  My old cowlick area still did that weird ball up thing it does when I skip a deep condition but it was surprisingly easy to detangle, if you can call it that.  It was like the hair was just folded over and I combed it out.  My hair texture also didn’t feel as slick as it usually does after a fresh relaxer, but I like that.  My hair seemed to dry much faster and with a bit of ORS Carrot Oil on my ends and a bit of Infusium 23 Renew & Revive brushed through the length, I had no desire to flatiron and spent most of the weekend in pigtails.  There was no shrinkage at all, my hair remained straight, and was full and airy.

Not only that, in a rush to get ready for a spontaneous girls night out, I was able to breeze through flatironing in half an hour!  It usually takes at least an hour with stopping to detangle the errant knot or wrestle with the crazy hairball and even my girls couldn’t believe how fast I got ready.  I didn’t even need to use anymore moisturizer.  As I flatironed, I noticed that there was something off about the way my hair looked.  I mean it looked fantastic, soft and fluid, but there was something that took me a minute to grasp.  Usually my hair is very, very glossy and this time there was a more subtle sheen to it, like a black cat.  That’s when it hit me: Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar had rinsed away I don’t know how many months of product buildup and I was seeing my hair’s natural, healthy sheen.  What a revelation.  I would’ve uploaded a picture but my webcam is just not doing it justice.

In conclusion, I won in more ways than one and this one is definitely a keeper.  If you can get over the inital shock of having your hair feel like wet straw for about ten minutes (this may have been my pH balancing out), Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar is one something you might want to consider adding to your arsenal.  It DOES smooth the cuticle leaving hair incredibly soft and reflective, it DOES rinse away product buildup leaving hair a significant percentage lighter, and (da-da-da-daaa) it’s only nine bucks.  I plan to use it once a month and between me and Mini-me, the bottle should last at least six months.  Follow the link to Yves Rocher below, Lovelies, and give your hair breather.  TTFN!


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Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3

Howdy, Lovelies!  Long time no hear, huh?  I had to take time to recuperate from the holidays so ya’ll will just have to excuse me, lol.  Okay let’s get into it.  I was doing a little light shopping in Walgreens the other day when I happened to walk down the toy/clearance aisle.   As I lost my mind over $2 body shapers, my eye caught a huge silver bottle with the telltale flowing hair lady.  Turns out it was a liter (yeah) of Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3 for, drumroll please……..five dollars.  So I hurried up and copped that, damn near left Mini-Me in the aisle trying to get to the register.  That was a great buy; in the beauty supply store that bottle would easily be $15-20 cause they overcharge anyway.  I said it.

I relaxed my hair for the first time since October the other day and though I love seeing the dramatic difference in length, I hate how dry my hair feels.  Now, part of this is admittedly my fault for waiting so long to relax my hair when I noticed early last year that my new growth eats my relaxed hair.  I see now that I’ll have to relax every two and a half months at the most.  Sigh.  Anyway my hair was dry and though applying castor oil to my scalp helped it a little, it was still too dry for my taste.  This particular formulation of Infusium 23 claims to “restore damaged hair and improve the quality of your hair over time”.  It’s supposed to protect against breakage AND FUTURE DAMAGE (tall order) and instantly detangles wet or dry hair.  Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3 is also light enough for everyday and throughout the day use.  Sounds like a plan to me.

Since I did have oil on my scalp, I was a little hesitant and thought about waiting until wash day but I needed relief.  Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatments tend to be watery with a milky white tinge so be prepared for that. There’s kind of a shampoo-ey, perfumey smell but it pretty much leaves your hair smelling clean.  Nothing wrong with that.  I decided to go through and part my hair to make sure I got all of my hair.  As I applied Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3 to the first section, my hair immediately responded.  At first I thought maybe the treatment had “cut through” the oil and that worried me but upon reading the ingredients (I can’t believe I didn’t do that in-store), I saw that the third ingredient is castor oil.  Winning!

My hair felt much softer and smoother and there was a marked difference in the treated and untreated hair.  As I brushed the Repair & Renew treatment through my hair, it seemed to get smoother with every stroke.  As I moved from section to section, my hair seemed to blossom but the best was yet to come.  In the upper left quadrant of my scalp, there is a no man’s land.  It used to house a serious cowlick but since it can’t do that anymore, it’s decided to just be generally unruly.  As I worked a more than generous amount of Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3 into those particularly dry roots, I felt my hair trying to resist.  It seemed to just drink the treatment right up.  However, after another liberal dousing of Repair & Renew, the patch soon gave in and was as smooth and soft as the rest of my hair.  My arms ached from the effort but mission accomplished.

Satisfied with my silky smoothness, I used Infusium 23 Repair & Renew 3 on Mini-Me’s freshly deep conditioned natural hair and was not disappointed.  After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I applied a liberal amount of Repair & Renew on her damp curls and combed through.  This stuff wastes no time in getting to work.  As soon as I started to comb, her curls felt smoother under my fingers and it’s been a while since I’ve detangled her afro so fast.  I broke down and bought an ion hairdryer a month ago because it was just too cold for her to air-dry (those thick curls hold water like a vice grip) and was afraid that her hair would revert when I started drying.  I needn’t have worried.  Her hair maintained it’s softness and her curls were beautifully defined giving her that pretty halo effect you get from a dynamite ‘fro.  I put a little extra Repair & Renew on after her hair was dry and as we went out and about throughout the day, her hair didn’t lose it’s luster or shape.  I touched it when I thought about it and it felt moisturized and soft.  Before she went to school this morning, I touched it and was impressed that I only needed to apply a little Repair & Renew before it “woke up”.  Maybe there’s something to the claim of improving hair quality over time and, apparently, it doesn’t take long.

So after trying Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment 3 on dry, relaxed hair and on wet and dry natural hair, do I like it?  I love it and am getting another bottle as soon as I finish this post.  I though about waiting so it won’t be sitting in the closet, but who am I kidding?  This bottle will be gone in a month.  Maybe then I can tell you how it helped against my future damage.  Wait…huh?  Cause a month from now is the future…but how will I know if it…it’ll look better…should I expect my hair to look like crap if I don’t use it?  I do this to myself all the time.  Bye ya’ll.

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